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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the latest mobile game released on 24 November 2015 by Electronic Arts. It was first announced on 13 June 2015 in a press conference during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The title is only for the Android and iOS devices.

To start with, Star Wars is quite different from the recently released Battlefront. It is all about gathering new heroes and fighting against the unknown villains and well known ruthless enemies from the franchise. In short, it is a strategic battle game.

1. They are Waiting:

The game begins with well-known heroes, but you have to progress through different stages in order to unlock new skills and heroes. The best way to collect better skills and characters is by purchasing data cards with real money. But you can also unlock new opponents and allies by farming shards. Just go the character screen and select the hollow image of a character and hit ‘find’.

This will disclose exactly which fights you must perform fine in order to unlock that specific hero. You can also create new characters by acquiring needed shards.

2. Training, Promotion and Instruction:

Each card will unlock a new star level. The most powerful heroes will need at least 70 Shards to open level 4, 50 Shards for Level 3 and 25 Shards for level 2 and 10 Shards for level 1. Promotion is also the best way to increase the strength of your heroes. The Star Promotion Level will influence their gains in intelligence, strength and agility. You can also train the heroes by using remotes, but you should not over train them, as it would be just a waste of time.

3. Currency:

There are many forms of currencies in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The most important of which are the crystals. They can be used to purchase Shipment Crates and new data cards. Credits can be used to purchase new gears, shipments and to promote new characters. You can also earn Cantina Credits by completing Cantina battles and purchase Cantina Shipment crates.

Well, Galaxy of Heroes is quite a time sucking and interesting title. You will definitely get addicted to your iOS device while playing. So gear up for war and download this game right now for unlimited fun. However, don’t forget to take full advantage of hacks and cheats for better performance.